Would You Buy Skinny Jeans?

Should I wear skinny jeans

Sometimes I really want to look skinny and elegant because that’s the style I like. So, the question comes: should I wear skinny jeans?

The latest development in denim comes in the form of a pair of skinny jeans that make you drop two dress sizes. At over £200/$270 a pair, they don’t come cheap. In this case, would you be willing to wear skinny jeans that are quite expensive and promise to make you look skinnier?

Should i wear skinny jeans
How to wear skinny jeans

Old Technology and New Tricks

The denim uses the same technology as the highly acclaimed Spanx pants. Yet, this time the spring construction is concealed by the cotton twine running through the denim.

The director of MiH Jeans – one of the brands selling the new jeans – lies the technology to a telephone cord, explaining that ‘your body is pushing against the outline. However, the denim is like a phone cord – it keeps springing back into shape’. Also, Spanx will be selling them at a more purse friendly £60/$80 this autumn.

Old technology and new tricks
Old technology, new tricks

Inspiring a New Generation of Jean Wearers

Whilst many women feel they can’t wear skinny jeans and that they’re reserved for slim, tall Alexa Chung types, it might not be long before all body-types feel amazing in a tight pair of skinnies.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for many. So if the new design from MiH Jeans can make us look and feel amazing every single day, we imagine they’ll be even more popular.

MiH new products

So, Should I Wear Skinny Jeans?

Could this be a Case of Style over Comfort? If you’ve ever donned a pair of Spanx for a special occasion, you’ll be aware of the restrictions they cause to your ability to laugh, speak and even breathe comfortably after a couple of hours.

Imagine the same discomfort being inflicted upon you every time you wear skinny jeans. In this case you might just think again next time you want to pop them on whilst you nip to the shops.

Jeans should be comfortable. Although, they may not be the most flattering option for all figures, they’re a grab-and-go staple in most people’s wardrobes.

Having to shimmy in and peel yourself out of your jeans everyday makes them slightly less appealing.

How to wear skinny jeans
Should I wear skinny jeans

The Future of If You Want to Wear Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans will be amazing for special occasions though. In addition, they will make you feel your best when on a first date or out for a meal with friends. So they definitely do serve a very useful purpose.

Should I wear skinny jeans
Stylish outfit

It’s to obvious that most people will stick to their trusty, comfortable jeans on a daily basis. For example, that’s a battered old pair, the perfect length petite pair or your favorite plus-size pair from somewhere like Castaluna Plus Size Clothing.

Fashion outfit
Fashion outfits

However, fast-forward a few years and a pair of skinny jeans could be hanging in the wardrobes of women worldwide. So maybe this partly is the answer of the question “Should I wear skinny jeans” 🙂

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