Wilderness Survival For The Beauty Addict

Camping beauty hacks

In case the weather looks perfect, some of us can’t wait to go camping. However, if you follow these camping beauty hacks, you will still look stunning.

I always get a good laugh when people give me a strange look after I tell them I like the outdoors. Fishing, camping, gardening…. I love it all. It’s probably my known obsession for all things feminine and girly that throws them off the scent of the tomboy that lies within. But every time comes the question: How to look good while camping?

Right now, I am preparing to leave for a camping. When I say wilderness, I mean….no cell phone signal, no running water…no electricity.

Basically, being at one with nature. It is going to be so much fun! Our dogs always love these trips and honestly, I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation. In reality, getting completely “unplugged” is a great, and much welcomed feeling for me.

Camping beauty hacks
How to look good while camping

Surely, to say that my beauty routine on this trip will be “low maintenance” is an understatement. It’s going to be practically non-existent. But, I will bring a few things with me just in case the occasion calls for it.

We will have a solar shower with us. So, we can bathe (thank God, otherwise it would be a little unbearable for me). As long as I feel clean, the rest doesn’t matter. Ponytails and elastic bands are going to be my BFFs.

But on to the good stuff. What will I bring? Only 5 beauty products for camping are necessary.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

It’s a total smash hit for me. Also, it is lightweight and non-greasy and really does help keep the oilies away. Furthermore, it feels refreshing on my skin (check here).

Mattifying day cream
Body shop seaweed mattifying day cream

Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller

The next one from my beauty products for camping list is the Garnier anti-dark circle roller (see here). Again, something lightweight and will help me feel like I look refreshed as well as I feel refreshed. In general, I love rolling this under my eyes…very soothing.

Garnier anti-dark circle roller
Beauty products for camping Garnier camping beauty hacks

Tarte Waterproof Mascara Mini

I got this in a kit awhile ago. I am not entirely sure of the name of the mascara as it doesn’t say. In fact, I just know it’s one of the few waterproof ones I have.

We go rafting and it’s inevitable my face it going to get wet. If I deign to wear mascara at all, it’s got to be waterproof. This one survived jet-skiing and swimming this summer. In this case, I know it will do the trick. See also Summertime And Swimsuits

Mascara mini
Camping beauty hacks tarte waterproof mascara mini

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Champagne

My favorite color of the line and the first one I ever purchased. It’s easy to just swipe on, and it’s budge proof (yes, even in the water for me).

More beauty tips:

I don’t need primer or a brush to apply it making this the logical choice to brighten my eyes if I feel inspired to take that extra step.

Mally evercolor shadow stick in champagne
Beauty products for camping

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer

How to look good while camping
Clarins instant light lip perfector

At the end, the last of one my camping beauty hacks, is Clarins instant light lip perfector. When I tried this on at the Clarins counter a few weeks ago I knew it was such a lovely balm/gloss hybrid. It gives my lips a subtle, natural color and I really like the way it feels on. In addition, it isn’t sticky and doesn’t have any taste. So, as you can see, these 5 products will show you how to look good while camping.

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