What Different Type Of Kisses Say About Your Relationship

Different types of kisses

Kisses are beautiful and passionate. They also play a big role in relationships. There are different types of kisses that can be interpreted in many ways.

For example, there is a difference between a gentle kiss and a French one. As a matter of fact, it can be easily determined what level your relationships are at. I am a fan of LOVE and everything related to it. For this reason, I made a list of 7 different types of kisses and what their meaning is…

Gentle Kiss Meaning

Gentle kiss
Gentle kiss meaning

For sure this gesture shows the closeness between the partners. If you like them, it means that you like to provoke your mate, so he wants more intimacy.

A Kiss on the Cheek

Different types of kisses

Your relationship is at a beautiful stage. In general, this kiss shows that you enjoy your company, but above all you are good friends. Check also Are You Best Friends With Your Boyfriend or Husband?

Spider-Man Kiss

Spider-Man kiss

We all know the scene with the movie kiss. Although it is not practical in life, it is also a sign that you love improvisation and diversity.

Angel Kiss Meaning

Angel kiss
Angel kiss meaning

If you kiss with your eyes closed, this is so-called “Angelic” kiss. In fact, this is an intimate gesture that indicates calmness and security. You show your partner that he is special, and you love him.

Light Kiss

Touching on the partner's lips
Loving couple

It’s a light and quick touch on the partner’s lips. Although simple and innocent, you can use it when you are about to say goodbye, or you just have met.

If you are starting a relationship now, this kind of kissing is a good way to get to know each other and check out the chemistry between you. When these kisses are a daily routine, it means that you love having fun.

Closed Mouth Kiss

Kiss meaning
Different types of kisses

It is similar to a light kiss, but lasts longer.Additionally, it indicates that there are some problems in your relationship.

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Also, it is a sign that you do not feel so comfortable, and you have set an emotional barrier. If you’re not sure about your relationship, you should talk to your partner.

French Kiss Meaning

Different types of kisses
French Kiss

At the end, the master of all kisses! It is an expression of closeness, passion and romance. If that’s your style, then you’re passionate and adventurous. Moreover, there is a great attraction between you. Don’t worry, you have a deep and healthy relationship!

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