What Are The Beauty Secrets Of Supermodels?

Beauty secrets and tips

Brazilian tea, coconut oil, facial massage and lots of water are part of the beauty secrets and tips from some world-famous top models.

“My beauty secrets are coconut water and chimarrã – a tea from the south of Brazil.” – Caroline Trentini sharing her beauty secrets and tips.

Beauty secrets and tips
Caroline Trentini sharing her beauty secrets and tips

“The best beauty advice is from my grandmother: ‘Less is more!‘ – Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk beauty secrets of models
Irina Shayk less is more

Massage your face with oil before putting makeup on.” – Karmen Pedaru

Karmen Pedaru quotes
Karmen Pedaru beauty secrets of models

“In reality, curved lashes make the look more fresh and shining. Add a little blush to your cheeks, and you’re ready for your long journey!” – Valentina Zelyaeva

“Exercises. As a matter of fact, sweating cleanses toxins and maintains good blood circulation, and the skin gets an exceptional glow and radiance. In addition, massaging the body with a brush before bathing makes my skin amazingly soft.” – Hilary Rhoda

I’ve used coconut oil through my whole pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. It worked! Plus, coconut oil is great for cooking.” – Julia Stegner

Beauty secrets of models
Julia Stegner beauty secrets and tips

“Don’t worry about little mishap. In fact, it saves you headaches and wrinkles.” – Larissa Hofmann

Larissa Hofmann
Larissa Hofmann quotes

“Always use eye cream and sunscreen products. ” – Kendall Jenner

“Keep eye cream in the refrigerator and drink lots of water.” – Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine quotes
Candice Huffine beauty secrets of models

“Use conditioner instead of shampoo!” – Karlina Caune

Karlina Caune
Karlina Caune beauty secrets and tips

A great concealer is all a girl needs.” – Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy beauty secrets of models
Amanda Murphy

“Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you don’t try it because of fear alone, you’ll never feel inspired.– Liu Wen

Liu Wen beauty secrets and tips
Liu Wen beauty secrets of models

“If your hair is blond or light like mine, use a brown mascara. Never black! ” – Rianne van Rompaey

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