Top 5 Most Controversial Fashion Icons

Fashion icons

Nowadays reaching the level of a fashion icon means more than simply good style, it’s about attitude and how you wear it, less what you do wear.

Nowadays reaching the level of a fashion icon means more than simply good style, it’s about attitude and how you wear it, less what you do wear. Whether it’s a gorgeous LBD or a meat dress, the devil stands in details, so personality is a must. In our modern world where appearances are, unfortunately, a way of judgment, fashion doesn’t really come as an option anymore. For those that need inspirations to find their true self in styling without having a given skill, and be able to represent themselves through their looks, fashion icons are the persons to check up.

Of course, fashionistas can be found at your school, work or even neighborhood. However, the easiest way to find them is through the internet.

Since we’re living in a world that spins around technology, we can get closer to famous celebrities. Also, we get effortlessly inspired by their style, appearance, looks and iconic celebrity outfits.

Even if we have a large variety of styles and trends to choose from, some celebrities don’t seem to fit in. So, find out next who are the most influential and controversial fashion icons!

5. Taylor Momsen

Fashion icons Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen

Angry teenager, pissed-off rockstar, gorgeous model-like body, all combined into one girl, called Taylor Momsen. In fact, Little Jenny, from Gossip Girl and badass lead singer from grunge rock band, The Pretty Reckless, Momsen finds her own style. Additionally, it is inspired by music and entourage, the overall celebrity-life scenario.

With a dramatic make-over, Taylor brought up attention from the press through her slutty-stylish daring appearances and iconic celebrity outfits. For example – leather biker jackets, ripped-off tights, mini skirts and red hot lipstick were indispensable.

From the streets to underground gigs, photo shooting or the red carpet, her style is unchangable. Surely, “the love it or hate it” style that she adopts, matches perfectly with her personality. For this reason, Momsen is in our top for the most controversial fashion icons!

4. Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf
Controversial celebrities Blair Waldorf

Now this time we’re looking at a character, not a living star. She may be Leighton Meester in real life, but here she’s “only” Queen B.

Of course, her iconic celebrity outfits and high-fashion clothes sure bring her to the top. Nevertheless, what’s really exciting about Blair, doesn’t stand in her name or her clothes’ label, because now it’s about attitude and style.

With eccentric appearances and debatable looks, the diva that rules the streets on the Upper East Side is able to mix colors, accessories or trends as she wishes.

From color combinations of fuchsia with bloody red to forest green with deep blue or all kinds of prints together, Blair Waldorf can wear anything and make it look divine. In our opinion, a wonderful appearance with captivating fashion sense, Blair Waldorf is definitely an unforgettable character and among the most stylish fashion icons.

3. Rihanna

Iconic celebrity outfits

From r’n’b singer to a true rockstar, at least through her attitude and style, Rihanna showed a dramatic evolution and changes of personal styles, a variety of make-ups and radical hairstyle color changes.

A true rebel and always an appearance to remember, Rihanna takes her title of fashion icon seriously and never lets us down. From scene attractive costumes to mind-blowing red carpet looks or challenging music video outfits, she embraces different styles. With this in mind, they actually show us how versatile and courageous she truly is. For sure, she will stay one of the most loved and controversial celebrities of all time.

2. Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins
Fashion icons Olsen Twins

They have been definitely the most known and loved twins in the movie industry, since they could walk. For this reason, once the Olsen twins started hitting the streets their own way, they were unstoppable.

Always unique and extremely brave with a carefree attitude, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen rock the streets in 16 cm heels during the day and night. If they decide going to a fast-food, for a coffee, to the red carpets or parties, they will always be noticed easily! For sure, they deserve to be called controversial celebrities!

In fact, adopting always extravagant clothes and iconic celebrity outfits that make them rise out of the ordinary, the twins attracted attention from the press through their messy-hobo style or grunge-goth influences.


Why don’t you check out our fashion tips:

1. Lady Gaga

Fashion icons Lady Gaga
Iconic celebrity outfits Lady Gaga

Even if our pick for the first place may not be so surprising, Gaga always is! That’s why the mother monster (as she describes herself via Twitter) deserves probably an entire top only for her. Well, we will stop at the first place, for now.

With theatrical appearances taken right out of the runway, impossible-to-walk-into killer heels, structural dresses and extreme hair accessories, Gaga looks like a lady wearing everything together without having a worry.

Whether she’s dressed in galactic outrageous dresses, meat ones, feathers and lace or underwear as outerwear, Gaga looks always flawless. Also, she is very artistic reaching to be one of the most controversial fashion icons!


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