Three Modern Ways To Save Up On Wardrobe Revamp And Clothes Shopping

How to save money on clothes

Before I go on enumerating how to save money on clothes, let me just tell you first and foremost how you can make the most of your every fashion purchase.

The secret is to always go for staple, versatile pieces. Particularly, those that you can pair with different types and styles of clothes. Also, those that will always be considered stylish throughout the year and perhaps in the next few years. Now, on to how to save money on clothes while updating or changing your wardrobe… (see also How To Audit Your Closet)

How to save money on clothes
Clothes shopping tips

Clothes Shopping Tips: Hunt for Sale Events Through Online Announcements

I am a big fan of Sale events, and you should be too. Good thing that there are tons of reasons why brands and boutiques put up sales. For example, there are New Year sales, seasonal sales, all kinds of holiday sales, clear-out sales, anniversary sales, and more.

The best sales, however, are those that come around Christmas and on Black Friday. Frankly, it is almost okay to go get a personal loan for clothing shopping and wardrobe revamp on a Black Friday.

The huge amount of shopping savings you’d get is usually worth more than the bit of interest that comes with the loan.

Anyhow, if you have a favorite brand or boutique, and you want to stay updated and get the news whenever they go on sale, do stalk them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Hunt for Coupons on Sites, Blogs, and Social Network Accounts

Coupons are no longer as hard to find as they were before. You can find various coupons on various magazines and newspapers. In fact, you can see it even on supermarket and department store brochures and catalogs! If you don’t like cutting coupons off magazines, you can also search for coupons online.

Aside from the tons of coupon sites, you will also probably get coupons just by signing up for newsletters on your preferred brand’s website.

Most boutiques and brands also release coupon codes through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can also find tons of bloggers explaining how to save money on clothes and sharing coupon codes through their blogs and FB pages.

Wardrobe revamp women guide
Wardrobe revamp

Check out Daily Deal and Groupon Websites

Finally, if you to know how to save money on clothes, you can find cheap prices in the many daily deal and Groupon websites.

What’s nice about hunting for great fashion discounts on daily deal sites is that they usually carry classy and popular brands. For example – Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vitton, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, and more. What’s more is that they offer up to 80% off sometimes.

Do not miss reading more clothes shopping tips:

Among the sites that you should check out are Ideeli, Hautelook, Gilt, ShirtWoot, and Rue La La, as well as Groupon and Living Social.

Aside from the great deals, most of these websites have promotions where they offer you a free store credit just for signing up for an account or subscribing to their newsletter.

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