The Power Of Inspiration – How To Find It?

How to get inspired
What is the true meaning of inspiration?

Inspiration is a unique emotional experience that encourage you to feel better. But sometimes the big question is: “How to get inspired?”

Inspiration (a sense of enthusiasm that ignites a pleasant and strange flame in the soul), you often find, both in ordinary people who do extraordinary things, and in the environment that surrounds you – in literature, music, sports, nature. But to find what inspires you in a particular moment in life, is not always an easy task.

You appreciate when someone has the ability and the desire to be selfless, creative, innovative or just dare to be different. Inspiration comes through those moments when you see true, pure human virtue.

This is an emotional experience that occurs when you encounter an exceptional ability or competence in some activity that encourage you to be better.

There are many examples of such personalities – spiritual teachers, writers, artists and athletes. The beautiful thing about this kind of inspiration is this “ordinary” part.

Inspiration can exist in many forms. There is no single way to get every person inspired. This is because people are all different and excited about different things.

Some people get inspired by the books they read or by music. Others, for example, find inspiration in nature, fascinated by some magical sunset or spectacular landscape.

Woman and stars
How to find inspiration

Some find inspiration through affirmations or positive speaking, in sports, even deadlines for completing a task or project can have a motivating effect. As a matter of fact, many artists create their most magnificent and brilliant works inspired by dreams, sadness, inner pain, even severe depressions.

Behave so that your own actions inspire and encourage you.” – Nick Vujicic


It Gives You A Sense Of Purpose – this is more than just a desire to achieve an intention. It’s a feeling that helps you connect with something bigger than yourself, that fills you with excitement and makes you feel alive. You have a reason to live, led by an inspiring vision. You feel active, ready to take action and achieve this goal.

It Gives You Gratitude And Respect – when you experience the miracle and pleasure of an inspiring event or a remarkable achievement, you feel grateful for the opportunity. When you embrace inspiration as a gift, it takes your attention away from the problems and helps you focus on what you admire and respect.

It Gives You Vitality – the feeling of energy and high spirits can be the result of inspiration. This gives you the motivation, strength and willing to take action.

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Inspiration gives you strength

It Gives You Strength – when you get inspired by the extraordinary feats and vastness of human potential, you can experience a sense of respect and admiration that will change the way you look at the world around you. For instance, this inspiration can also be a reason for a major change in your life. This is really a powerful force because it allows you to broaden your perspective on what is possible. Also, it motivates you to take real action, to do more, to be more.


Create Your Own Plan – maybe you have a big goal or want to change some aspect of your life? Write down everything you want to do – big goals and small steps, tasks and all details. Each time you mark something done, you will feel satisfaction and enthusiasm. In fact, seeing your plan on paper will make it easier for you to stay focused.

How to create a plan
Create a plan

Separation From Routine – to know how to get inspired, you must think and act outside the box. Give yourself a day (or at least a few hours) when almost everything you do will be different from your normal daily life: choose a different route to your workplace, listen to new music, eat unusual foods, visit an interesting store, challenge yourself by trying a new environment. In other words, by expanding your perspectives to new incentives, you also expand your creativity.

Music – the connection between music, intelligence and creativity are well established. For example, listening to a Mozart Sonata temporarily increases spatial intelligence (it has the function to implement orientation in space, to evaluate the spatial relations between objects, as well as the possibilities of handling them). Discover your stimulating, enjoyable tunes that relax your mind.

Inspiration from music
What inspires you

Exercising And Physical Activity – studies show that they stimulate the brain by creating new neurons in the brain’s hippocampus. Exercising helps you calm your mind, provoking new patterns of thinking.

More Time In Nature – take more walks, visit new beautiful places and enjoy the sounds, colors and scents around you. It is one of the best things to do if you want to know how to get inspired easily.

How to find find inspiration from nature
How to get inspired from nature

Positive Attitude – get rid of all negative thoughts and the question “what will happen if…”. If the thinking process (the attitude) is not that “something will not work out the way you want”, then you may be a happier person.

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Of course, there are still many options to find what inspires you most – just follow your own way, one that fills you with positive energy, enthusiasm and joy. In summary, be brave and curious, try new things and believe in your own potential.

Joseph Campbell, American Professor, author, editor, and speaker, says: “Follow your inspiration and the universe will open doors for you where walls used to be!“

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