The Numbers In Numerology Reveal Everything About Your Relationship

Love compatibility by birthdate
Numerology number meanings 1-9

Do you know that you and your partner can check love compatibility by birthdate and see whether you are for each other or not? It’s true!

This science is called numerology and it can show you what is your love number meaning. Building a healthy relationship between partners is an important part and have consequences for mental and physical health.

For this reason it is not a bad idea to check if your boyfriend is right for you. So take a piece of paper and a pen and make the calculations what is your love compatibility by birthdate

Numerology number meanings 1-9
Love numbers in numerology

The first thing you need to do is to take your date of birth and separately reduce each: your MONTH, DAY, and YEAR to a single digit value.

Do the same with your boyfriend’s date and then add the numbers of both of you until you get just one number. Sometimes you will need to reduce the number once again to get your final single digit base value.

For example:

01.04.1995: 1+4+1+9+9+5=29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2

12.07.1994: 1+2+7+1+9+9+4=33, 3+3=6

2+6 = 8

When you are done, read below what is your love compatibility by birthdate.


Number 1 Meaning In Numerology

Couples who get love number “1” have difficulty bonding and it often takes them a long time to decide to be together. Usually this type of relationship is more rational than emotional.

With this in mind, you both build your relationship for the sake of your career, your family, your money or your shared passion. Usually “1” doesn’t bring great love, but the positive thing is that both partners will motivate each other. Such a relationship is attractive only because of the challenges it brings with it.

Number 2

People whose total is “2” can have two completely different relationships. For the first type of relationship, stability and safety are the most important. Together with your partner, you will want to have children, a home, a family, and a job. Happiness will be your daily life.

The second type of relationship is full of conflicts and differences of opinion. Partners must fight for their feelings in order to show them to each other.

However, for people with the love number “2“ there is a third option – their relationship goes to the extremes. At one point they will be very happy, and the next moment they will have constant issues.

Number 3

3 love number meaning
Love number 3

The number “3” has always been lucky number. In this case, it means good communication, creativity and joy. This is a very happy relationship. Everything is going well for you, you will have a beautiful home, a healthy family and financial stability.

As a result, you have the ability to enjoy every moment and the small pleasures. You will constantly strive for something new, waiting for something else that you can develop. This is a very promising relationship, beautiful in every way.

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Love Number 4

The couple who received the number “4” will have stability and commitment. In this kind of relationship, marriage, family and harmony are the most important. There’s no cheating, no flirting. Both of you need an action plan for your financial and emotional stability.

Also, you have a stable, strong and traditional relationship and prefer to be with your family and eat comfortably at home, rather than going out with friends. There are rarely divorces in the number “4”.

Love Number Meaning 5

For sure, with love number 5 you never get bored and love to enjoy freedom in one relationship. You adore life and enjoy it with all your senses. You are constantly looking for new experiences, but you lack stability.

Travel, parties, spontaneous madness – this is your way. It is important to work on your stability. Even though freedom is a wonderful thing, sometimes you need to control the relationship to ensure that it will survive.

Number 6

Love number meaning
Love number 6

The couple who received the love number “6” relies on harmony. You share everything – feelings, finances, plans. There is no room for lies and cheating, only balance.

Additionally, you respect each other’s individual needs and passions and develop your life and work together. In this type of relationship, even if you don’t live very traditionally, home is very important.

Number 7

Unfortunately, “7” is not a good number. It is lonely number and this affects your relationship. You both seem to have retreated emotionally and physically, even living separately.

Despite the fact that you are a couple, you have your own secrets and almost no access to the intimate world of the other. You must learn to be independent and respect the space of the other.

Love Number Meaning 8

Meaning in numerology
Love compatibility by birthdate – love number 8

In reality, the love number “8” shows an extremely strong relationship. You and your partner have a great energy and passion for action. You work together, both in your career and at home.

Therefore, in your relationship there is a struggle for dominance and submission, and sometimes even competition for who is a better person. If you focus on good and important goals, your relationship will be creative and stimulating.

Number 9 Meaning In Numerology

Above all, this love number completes the numerology cycle and describes the vibrations of a couple who live and work for a common purpose. There is no room for individual needs in your relationship – only for serious challenges. You are bound by an unconditional love – “The Goodness”. You work in the name of higher goals and ideals.

Often, when a couple wants to devote themselves to such an activity, they experience difficulties in their daily life. This is why it is important to communicate so that you can understand yourself and, therefore, understand your place in the world.

In conclusion, when you already know what is your love compatibility by birthdate, you should realize that the key to building a healthy and happy love relationship is the ability “to learn to give and take” and always “be prepared for ups and downs“.

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