Simple Steps To Overcome Sore Throat

Сore throat natural remedies

Sore throats when you have a cold or flu are unpleasant. Check out these 6 sore throat natural remedies that you can try at home for instant relief.

What are the causes of sore throat or throat infections?

Sore throats or throat infections are often associated with cold or flu. Usually the common cause is a virus or bacteria, but there are many other things that can cause throat associated problems like – sinus infections, allergic reactions, smoke, pollution, tonsillitis and dry air.

Moreover, it burns and feels scratchy and may cause severe pain that makes it too hard to talk and swallow. So how to cure a sore throat with natural remedies?

Follow these simple steps:

Remedy 1

Sore throat natural remedies raisins
Sore throat natural remedies raisins

In fact, for effective sore throat relief eat Raisins (kismis) frequently.

Remedy 2

Sore throat natural remedies
Tea, ginger, basil leaves

Boil 1 cup of water with 1/2 tsp grated ginger, 1/2 tsp tea powder and 2-3 basil leaves for 5mins and allow it to rest till it turns lukewarm. Then, have it to get relief from the feeling of scratchy and throat irritation.

Throat infections
How to cure a sore throat

Remedy 3

Boil 1 glass of water with basil leaves for 5 min and add 2-3 drops of honey to it and have it. Try this to ease throat related discomforts.

Basil leaves
Sore throat natural remedies basil leaves

Remedy 4

Add 1tsp lime juice and 1tsp honey to 1 glass of warm water and have it every morning before breakfast to get relief from scratchy throat and irritation.

Lime juice with honey and water
Lime juice, honey, warm water

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Remedy 5

Add one small jaggery piece to 1tsp ginger juice and chew it every morning before breakfast to control the throat associated symptoms.

Jaggery piece
Sore throat natural remedies Jaggery piece

Remedy 6

How to cure a sore throat fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds

Boil 1/2lit water with 1 tsp fenugreek seeds for 5min and allow it to turn lukewarm. Gargle with this mixture after brushing. In fact, this prevents throat associated problems.

Sore throat natural remedies
How to cure a sore throat

Except all these sore throat natural remedies, you must also follow these simple rules:

  • Do not expose yourself to the cold climate and cold water
  • Also, do not have any of your food items from the refrigerator, chilled diet can make your throat problems more severe
  • Finally, avoid oil from your diet in any form

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