Is Oil Actually Good For Your Hair?

Is oil good for your hair

Everyone’s heard about the magical properties of oil when it comes to hair growth. But in reality, is oil good for your hair?

We have all, at some point, gotten oil treatments (for hair growth) in the hopes to transform our locks from limp to luster. However, oil really does not do everything we think it should…

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What Does Oil Do To Your Hair?

Each strand of hair consists of two parts: the follicle (more info here), which resides under the scalp; and the hair shaft, that which is visible. Hair grows in cycles, which explains why new hair grows out while old hair sheds.

At the same time, the pores in your hair and your scalp need oxygen in order to help your hair grow and soak up all the nutrients from your diet.

So, when you apply oil to your hair for more than one hour, you end up blocking all your pores. Add that to the amount of shampoo you use to wash the it out, you end up stripping away all the excess oil along with your natural oils – leaving your hair even drier then it was before the procedure.

Having said that, it’s important to point out that while excess oil can potentially leave your hair in a worse condition than it was initially; a dry scalp will lead to dandruff and flakes.

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With all things in life, it’s all about maintaining a good balance – because everyone’s hair takes to oil differently.

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So Why Do We Oil Our hair?

Well, a little oil goes a long way, but it’s actually the scalp that benefits from it the most. The act of massaging your scalp with it improves blood circulation, which in turn improves blood flow and the absorption of important nutrients for hair growth from your diet.

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So yes, oil treatments (for hair growth) are ok but not by coating each strand from root to tip! If you’re looking for something to give your hair some shine and improve its texture, look into protein treatments or the ever-dependable conditioner.

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