How to Wear Bright Make-up When You’re Over 40

How to apply makeup over 40

Super bright makeup is always on trend. If you want to know how to apply makeup over 40 using bright colors, you can do it by following a few simple rules.

For sure, it’s a shame to say that when you’re clocking on a bit, you can’t wear the same make-up as you did twenty years ago. However, you have to make some modifications to keep your look modern and fresh. For example, I love a splash/pop/accent of color and have come up with 4 bright makeup tips for women over 40 when it’s completely out of your comfort zone!

Loud Mouth

The first rule when you want to know how to apply makeup over 40 is that a great bright lip color can light up your whole face and make your teeth look whiter.

I don’t believe in attempting to match your skin tone to the color of the lipstick (warm, cool, whatevs!) and simply think that you should wear the color that makes you feel great.

I recently bought an Australis matte lip cream (see here) in a super bright tangerine color and absolutely love it. It’s OTT, and that’s why I think it’s fab.

However, I do have to tone down the rest of my make-up to ensure I don’t look like something from the Rocky Horror Show.

Surely, matte lips aren’t the easiest to wear as you get older, and a more moisturising lipstick is usually a better choice.

More Makeup Tips For Women Over 40:

  • Prep lips with a scrub first to ensure they’re not flaky or dry
  • Apply a lip balm or a smear of Vaseline and let this sink in for a few minutes
  • In general, a liner isn’t essential, but it will stop the lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around you lip. If you use one, blend it with a cotton bud to avoid a hard line.
  • Apply your lippy with a lip brush, blot and apply again. Blot for a final time for a long-lasting finish.

Bright lips call for dewy skin and some simple definition to the eye (just a hint of eyeliner and mascara). For example, here are a few “more mature” celebs rocking a bright lip and one that just got it WRONG!

How to apply makeup over 40
Makeup tips for women over 40

Don’t Give Blush The Brush Off

Don’t be scared! A bright pop of blusher will not get you mistaken for a children’s entertainer! In fact, a bright pink blush makes you look glowing, healthy and just plain fabulous. Also, it can be just as game-changing as a bright lipstick.

Experiment with textures – cream blushers are great for older skin and look really sheer when applied. Additionally, powder blushers can be built up and layer with highlighters for a youthful effect.

If you’ve applied too much, a buffing of translucent powder with a big soft brush will tone the color down. In my opinion, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to wear bright color on your cheeks.

I dare you to try it!

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Emma Watson
How to apply makeup over 40 Emma Watson

Bright Eyes, Burning Like Fire

This one is a little trickier. I’m talking about bright eyeliner. Just on the top. What do you reckon? I used to wear bright colors on my eyes when I was younger.

Now if I want to wear some color I confine it to a swipe of brightly colored liquid eyeliner along the top, with a little kitten flick.

Choose an emerald green, or sapphire blue to bring out the color of brown eyes, or maybe a deep purple or shimmering silver.

Whatever color you choose, keep the rest of your makeup simple (except for the mascara, this look DEMANDS big black lashes!) and let your eyes do the talking.

Makeup tips for women over 40
How to apply makeup over 40

The Easiest Of All Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

For sure, it is of course to wear a bright color on your nails – fingers or toes or both! This is of course a no-brainer and there are so many choices of bright polishes out there.

I do, however, draw the line at nail art. Moreover, I love it and on ladies younger than me, it’s a fabulous look, but I like my nails all the same color (though I’ll pop a different color on my toes!).

To sum up, I think bright colors look best on short, square nails. For this reason, it goes without saying you’re going to need a top coat to keep the chips in check.

So when you already know how to apply makeup over 40 using bright colors, you must not be afraid to do so! Just remember – any woman over 40 can look as stunning as the younger ones ๐Ÿ™‚

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