How to Love Again

How to fall in love again with someone new

Do you know how to fall in love again with someone new? Do you think it may be difficult for you to meet new people? Are you confident in yourself?

The last year was the end of my relationship. After that I spent months and months not interested in anybody. I never thought I would get to a point in life where I just wanted to be alone. Then a new person appeared in my life and reminded me how to be in love again.

On my first day of Supply Chain I saw him and sat next to him. Every day I got there before him and for some reason I would always get excited.

But you know, boys never know when you are flirting. That was exactly my case, I would make conversation and nothing.

Until I gave it one last try and decided to make cookies. I got to class the next day and pretended that I made too many and gave him some. All I got was “oh, thanks”.

Furious, I decided to give up. But luckily after a week or so he invited me to study for our exam at the library. Then it all began. Now I am happy to be able to write this post for those who are in the phase that I was. Hopefully this will help.

Do Not Settle for the First Thing that Comes

One mistake that I was making was to give a chance to anyone who was interested. This made me realize that I was not going to be happy by just saying yes and not trying.

When you find a person that you like it should be mutual. It is better to wait for that special one to come rather than living a lie.

How to fall in love again with someone new
How to fall in love again with someone new

Think About Your Feelings

What do you want to feel when you are with this person? There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a simple relationship with someone.

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But if you are trying to learn how to fall in love again with someone new then do it with a guy that makes your heart beat. I know it sounds super cheesy, but it is the truth! First think if this person actually makes you feel anything before moving forward.

Do Not Overthink It

The idea of dreaming how to be in love again not leaving your head can affect you in a negative way. When you are constantly thinking about the same thing it can bring you down.

I remember I would see a couple and just hate them, but this negativity would not allow me to talk to new people. And it also made me look for the wrong things.

Be as happy as you can and think about your happiness, not about who you will end up with. Life is too short to worry about boys.

Do not overthink it
How to be in love again

If Someone Likes You, that Doesn’t Mean You Have to Like Them

A situation that can pull you back is liking someone you do not like. Why? Because if you are not showing true feelings, then what is the point? This will not show you how to be in love again, it will waste your time and hurt the other persons feelings.

Talk to People

Let’s say you are ready to start liking someone. But how will you find that special person if you don’t interact with people? The best way to socialize is to talk.

You will not die from it, and maybe they won’t be your special person but at least you made a new friend! Also, do not forget to keep in touch so that the friendship grows and becomes a relationship.

How to be in love again
How to fall in love again with someone new

Be Confident of Yourself

You are an amazing person and do not need any negativity in your life. Confidence attracts other people and most important, it makes you stronger.

I never believed in the phrase “love yourself first before loving others“. But it is extremely true. Try it, and you will see how the fear of talking to new people and talking about your feelings diminishes.

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