How to Host a Successful Garage Sale

How to have a successful garage sale

Do you like to make sales in a garage? If you do, you have a lot of work to do. So check out my post on how to have a successful garage sale.

I will try to help you with my garage sale tips and tricks. First, you need to prepare the posters, layout, and selecting what you are going to sell. If you want to get rid of all that you have, then take it seriously.

I have seen many people just throw their belongings and expect it to be a success. That is not how it works, there are more things you have to do.

The more importance you add to it, the more money you will make

If you take high importance in your garage sale you will be more passionate about promoting it and selling. Those who do things in a fast pace and care a bit normally do not end with a successful sale. Mentally prepare yourself for the day.

Pick things that are actually salable and not just junk

When I was little I remember going to so many garage sales that only had junk. In ours we had many products from different brands like Columbia, North Face, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Gap, and more. Sell things that people will be interested and take.

Not just with clothes but also with other products like kitchen supplies, home decor, toys, and outdoor gear.

They have to be in good condition and clean for customers to want to buy. If you have a box of junk you can give it just for free, but be careful that your buyers are not only going for the free stuff.

Advertise your sale around town

How will you make money if no one knows about your garage sale? Make posters advertising it. Include date, time, and address.

On mine, I added a funny quote that I found on Pinterest.

“Is this a garage sale or a very inexpensive department store?”

When people came over they mentioned they loved the quote! Tell all your friends and make them tell their family and friends. Lastly, share it on Facebook. My aunt made a simple image with all of the details and shared it on her Facebook.

Garage sale tips and tricks
How to have a successful garage sale

When the day is here, open your garage sale an hour earlier

This is very important if you want to know how to have a successful garage sale! The day before our garage sale we were told by some friends that people would show up at 6 AM even though we said 7AM. I did not think this was true but when my aunt opened the garage at 6:20 AM people started to arrive!

I was so amazed and the best part is that people were actually there to shop, and we made more than $200 in the first hour.

Be ready to settle for less

A very small amount of people will actually pay the price that you say your product is. They are looking for very cheap items and since we just wanted to get rid of everything we were very open to settling for less.

As the day went on I realized that you cannot low a price that was $100 to $90. Try to go in small quantities like something that was $100 start lowering it to $95. Or if it is $5 start by $4.

One of my product was a Samsung S8 that I only used for 6 months. I had it for $100 and a guy wanted it for $80, after speaking to him for some time I told him the least I could go was $90.

Surely, nothing would change my mind because I knew how good the product was, and it was barely used. Thankfully he took it!

Bring PATIENCE with you

For sure, this one of my garage sale tips and tricks is not so easy. The start is always difficult. Remember, get ready to be there for hours. Our garage sale lasted from 6:20 AM until 12 PM.

At one point I thought it was about 11 AM but when I looked at the clock it was 9:20 AM. The best thing you can do is to make conversation to your customers or with whoever is helping you.

Know what your customers like

9 steps to success
Garage sale tips and tricks

Take a look at what your customers are wearing. We saw a girl with a Vera bad, so we showed her how we had one for just $3. She immediately took it.

Another lady took a Columbia shirt, and we showed her the other options she had. She took one of the options we showed which was great because we sold what we knew they would like!

In conclusion, when you already know how to have a successful garage sale, just take action! If you have followed my garage sale tips and tricks, the chances of success are high because I speak from personal experience. Good luck!

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