How to Eat Healthily Whilst Staying at a Hotel

How to eat healthy in a hotel

If you are traveling for business or pleasure and want to stick to your diet, you need to know how to eat healthy at a hotel.

In case you are away from home for a few days or more, then you’re away from your usual routine. For sure this means that your usual, healthy diet can take a huge hit. For this reason, learning what food to eat in hotel room is a must.

It is so easy to let down your guard when you’re on holiday, and your only choice of eating is the local restaurant sector. However, this is almost always a bad thing – all those calories and grams of saturated fats soon add up, and they’ll quickly be making their way to your hips!

Of course, it’s okay to indulge a bit while you’re away, but do so in moderation; don’t go overboard with your decadence, or you’ll pay for it dearly when you get home!

Food to eat in hotel room
How to eat healthy in a hotel

Book Wisely

When you’re traveling, always look for hotels that provide a microwave and a refrigerator, at the very least. This way, you can buy your own food whilst you’re away, meaning you know exactly what is passing your lips.

If the hotel doesn’t say whether they offer these amenities, ask about it when making your reservation. There may be an extra fee, but you’ll save more than that expenditure by being able to avoid restaurant prices. Healthy food to eat in hotel room that you can cook in the microwave include porridge and steamed veggies.

Pack Efficiently

Two things you can do here, one of which is slightly less practical than the other. First, the impractical: take a crockpot with you (check one here).

Although this might sound faintly ridiculous, you can actually get a travel sized variety, so it’s not too bad! You can make all sorts of healthy meals with a crockpot, such as chicken and rice with veggies.

The other option is to bring along a bagful of healthy snacks. You can keep these in your hotel room to help diminish the temptation to order the chocolate fudge cake after dinner. Dried fruit and breakfast bars are two great options.

Salad recipe
Food to eat in hotel room

Order Specifically

If you ever need to order room service (it happens!), make sure you’re specific. Instead of just asking for “eggs on toast”, ask for whole-wheat bread with just the egg whites. This will greatly reduce the number of ‘bad’ things going into your body.

Some hotels won’t even serve unhealthy foods – choose one of those if you can! Many hotels have banned trans fats in an effort to offer healthier options, and a lot of the resorts have gourmet menus specially designed for those guests who are trying to watch what they eat. These can be a lifesaver for dieters.

Stick to Your Routine

If you want to know how to eat healthy in a hotel, you really should try to stick to your routine no matter how hard it can be when you’re away from home. In case you have a particular set routine, write it down and take it with you. Surely, this should help you stay on the straight and narrow.

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