How to Choose the Best Shoes for Ankle Protection

Best shoes for ankle support

Your feet and ankles are always at risk of injury. Learn why you should choose the best shoes for ankle support over fashionable shoes when possible.

The primary purpose of shoes is supporting and protecting the feet. Nevertheless, when many people shop for shoes, they are more focusing on fashion, work dress codes, or comfort than anything else. Unfortunately, this can leave people’s feet and ankles at risk of injury. For athletes and people who have already suffered ankle injuries, a complex part of your body, wearing the wrong footwear is a risk that is not worth taking. Fortunately, the following pointers make finding best shoes for ankle support fairly easy.

The Best Ankle Support Shoes – General Guidelines

Buying shoes that fit correctly is the first step toward protecting the ankle. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society reports 88 percent of women wear the wrong size shoe.

Best shoes for ankle support
General guidelines for women

Of course, the problem can affect men and children as well. Having feet professionally sized can help, but since shoe sizing varies between brands, it is better for buyers to evaluate how each shoe choice fits. In general, shoes with moderate cushioning and plenty of contact with the ground provide the best ankle support.

However, a specialty store that offers a gait analysis will be able to recommend shoes that fit a person’s needs based on factors like arch size and pronation.

Which Shoes Give the Best Support?

Women experience a high rate of foot and ankle problems because of their footwear. Shoes that are narrow, high-heeled, or cramped to force the foot into an unnatural position. Also, they alter the way a woman walks, which can put strain on the joints.

Women also have a higher incidence of arthritis (more info here) than men do. For this reason, they may have a greater risk of ankle arthritis even before harmful footwear is factored in. In fact, women can reduce the risk by doing the following:

  • Wearing shoes that are long and wide enough
  • Limiting how often they wear high heels, wedges, and platform shoes
  • Using pads or cushioning to support and protect their feet
  • Performing stretches to maintain ankle flexibility

Women should choose the best shoes for ankle support over purely fashionable shoes when possible. Additionally, they should shop for shoes later in the day, when feet are swollen to their largest size. Check examples here

Which shoes give the best support
The best shoes for ankle support

Advice for Physically Active People

Adequate ankle protection is crucial for people who lead active lifestyles, especially those who do high-impact sports, such as basketball, soccer, and running. Shoes that stabilize the heel can help prevent ankle rolls and strains.

Some cushioning or padding is beneficial, but excessive padding can actually decrease stability and cause more injuries if the wearer has underdeveloped strength or flexibility. In addition to picking the best ankle support shoes, people who are physically active must replace their shoes frequently.

Walking or running shoes have a lifespan of 350 to 500 miles. It is usually time to invest in a new pair of shoes. In case the heel is worn down, the shoe visibly has molded to the shape of the foot, or the midsole can no longer be compressed by hand.

Advice for physically active people
The best ankle support shoes

More Buying Tips on the Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Buying footwear that fits correctly and is built for support rather than style is the easiest way to prevent ankle problems.

People who are buying footwear that will be worn frequently can benefit from buying from a specialty shop. There they can find shoes that are ideal for their medical history, lifestyle, and body mechanics.

Although buying the most expensive shoes may not pay off, investing time and a reasonable amount of money to buy the best shoes for ankle support can make all the difference in preventing different type of injuries.

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