Healthy Hair Recipe – Top 7 Good Foods

How to have healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Are you suffering from common hair problems? In case you do, learn how to fix it with my list of top 7 good foods for healthy hair.

In most cases, you consult a doctor or buy a variety of haircare products. This can be easily avoided if you just know what natural foods to eat for healthy hair.

1. Salmon

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and it is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron. In reality, the essential omega-3 fatty acids of this high-quality protein source do wonders for scalp health.

In general, studies suggest that the basis for omega-3 fatty acids result in a dry scalp. If you don’t want to eat salmon for healthy hair, you can try flaxseeds instead.

Salmon haircare
Salmon omega-3 fatty acids

2. Spinach, and other green veggies

Your hair’s natural ‘conditioner’ is the oily substance produced and secreted by your hair follicles. It’s called ‘sebum’. To produce sebum, the body needs a lot of vitamins A and C.

With this in mind, among the most excellent sources of these vitamins is the spinach. Broccoli and Swiss chard will also do wonders. Apart from the healthy hair vitamins, these dark green veggies also gives us iron and calcium.

Spinach to eat for healthy hair
Spinach and green veggies

3. Beans

Biotin deficiencies lead to brittle hair. So, if you want a healthy dose of biotin – plus iron, zinc, and lots of protein, you’ve got to get yourself beans… and more beans, and more beans!

Legumes like kidney beans and lentils are essential for healthy hair diet. In this case, hair experts recommend three or more cups of lentils or beans each week.

Beans and Biotin
How to have healthy hair with beans

4. Nuts

As a matter of fact, you’ll have a terrible case of hair loss without an adequate supply of zinc in your body. So to avoid hair shedding, get nuts with nuts! For example, cashews, almonds, and pecans are excellent sources of zinc.

Aside from these nuts, pack up on Brazil nuts which are rich in selenium, an important mineral for a healthy scalp. In addition, you should try walnuts because they have tons of alpha-linolenic acid which stimulate skin and hair growth.

Nuts hair loss
Foods for healthy hair

5. Eggs

For sure, eggs are one of the best foods for healthy hair. They have all the major essential vitamins, minerals and proteins which the hair needs. Additionally, eggs contain proteins that promote hair growth and condition the hair.

It has fatty acids that help in improving the skin on the scalp, and also prevent dandruff, flaky scalp and psoriasis.

More topics related to how to have healthy hair:

It also has Lecithin which reduces frizz and makes the hair smooth. Eggs also have lots of Vitamin A, Biotin, and B Vitamins.

Eggs to eat for healthy hair
Eggs promote hair growth

6. Whole Grains

Whole grain bread and fortified whole grain cereals are must-have foods to eat for healthy hair.

Brown rice and oats are packed with tons of B Vitamins (especially Biotin) which can help prevent alopecia and brittle hair. Also, they will give you a healthy dose of zinc and iron.

Whole grains
Whole grains must have food

7. Oysters

Since Oysters are rich in Zinc, Iron, Copper, and Vitamin B-12, it is definitely a must-have in your diet if you want shiny, healthy hair.

How to have healthy hair
Oysters for healthy hair

In detail, the vitamins and minerals it hasprevents hair loss (read here simple tips to prevent hair loss), promotes hair growth, and helps stimulate the production of melanin. Melanin is essential in making the hair look and feel smooth, soft, and shiny.

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