First Time Mom Tips For Buying Baby Clothes

Buying baby clothes in advance

Buying baby clothes in advance is one of the most enjoyable moments in preparation for welcoming your baby. So check out these tips that might help you.

There are certainly many questions in your head while you are expecting your baby. Surely, there is a lot of information out there. For this reason, I will try to be brief and mention only the most important things to keep in mind when buying baby clothes in advance.

How Many Newborn Clothes Do I Need?

Babies grow incredibly fast during the first few months of life. Some babies fit into newborn clothing in just a week. Some of them don’t fit into these sizes at all! If you receive multiple outfits in this size as a gift, try changing them to larger sizes if possible.

Don’t go overboard with buying baby clothes in advance, because many of them will probably not be used at all. Choose 2-3 products with a specific purpose for each part of the body. If necessary, you can always pick up more clothes after the arrival of your newborn.

Buying baby clothes in advance
How many newborn clothes do I need

Also, babies can bend in many interesting shapes, but it will be easier for everyone if you don’t have to figure out how to undress your baby with each diaper change.

Make sure that you can fully open the clothing (usually with buttons) at the bottom or have a long zipper in the front. If the clothing is intended to be pulled over the baby’s head, make sure that the hole in the neck is soft and as elastic as possible, so that you do not have to pull the baby’s head.

Should Baby Clothes Be Washed Before Wearing?

Definitely! Do to forget to wash all new clothes before they are used by your baby. Additionally, baby clothes should be as easy as possible to wash and dry so that they do not require excessive effort and time.

When buying baby clothes in advance, check the labels on each of them for washing instructions. In fact, there are more baby clothes on the market that requires handwashing than you can  imagine!

Essentials to have
Newborn clothing essentials

Why Is It Important To Buy Comfortable Clothes For The Baby?

Some type of fasteners, zippers and elastic bands can be a source of discomfort for the baby if they are in an inappropriate place or pressing on its skin.

Look for clothing that has a fabric layer between the baby and the zipper, make sure the elastic material is covered and check for irregularities that can irritate the baby’s skin.

In addition, babies usually need an extra layer of clothing compared to what adults wear. That is why it is important to choose clothes that allow you to layer easily. As a result, adding or removing layers keep the comfort of your baby whether you are out for a walk or at home.

Is It Bad For Babies To Wear Shoes?

While newborns generally do not need shoes, some parents buy them for aesthetic purposes or to keep socks in place. It is up to you to make this purchase, but keep in mind that baby shoes should be soft, with a wide opening for easy use.

However, baby socks are a must, especially if your baby was born in cold weather conditions (autumn, winter or spring). However, you may need to go through trial and error to find the right socks. Baby’s socks tend to fall off frequently, so it’s good to have a few pairs on hand.

How many newborn clothes do I need
Newborn tips

How To Look For Safety When Buying Baby Clothes In Advance?

While many baby clothing manufacturers are extremely strict and careful about every detail to provide comfort and safety for babies, sometimes health-threatening clothing can be noticed in children’s stores.

Therefore, it is a good idea when buying baby clothes in advance to check for loose buttons and zippers that can be detached, as well as for applications or decorations that could be pulled or swallowed by the baby.

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What you really need
What you really need for baby

More Useful Tips:

  • Buy wide collars or accessories to easily cover the baby’s neck
  • Try accessories for changing diapers without the need for complete undressing of the baby
  • Choose buttons that are more comfortable, safer, and take less time
  • Avoid edges or uncomfortable fabrics – buy only the best!
  • Check if clothes are suitable for washing machine
  • Make sure the buttons are attached well – the baby can choke with small buttons
  • Look carefully for loose threads or pulls in which the baby may get his fingers or toes tangled
  • Avoid things that babies can wrap around their necks

In conclusion, I hope this short guide will help you when buying baby clothes in advance. And remember: never rush to buy a lot of clothes before your baby is born.

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