Creative Gift Ideas For Women: Do’s and Dont’s

Creative gifts for women

Finding the perfect gift is not such an easy task. Fortunately, this guide shows the common mistakes when looking for the most creative gifts for women.

Millions of men around the world have a special place in their heart for the woman in their life, whether it’s their mom, spouse, or close friend. But when it comes to showing them how much they care, it’s often met with problems. In fact, it becomes a real challenge to find the most creative gifts for women.

It’s not that they don’t love them, or that they don’t want to show their appreciation with the perfect gift. It’s simply that they don’t know how to creative gifts for women.

Men and women are wired differently, and while he thinks a vacuum sounds like a great idea because she keeps complaining about how dirty the floor is, she’s really probably thinking of jewelry.

Gift ideas for women
Creative gifts for women

It may be a challenge to discover the perfect gift for her, but below are the worst gift ideas of what you should NOT give that special someone for whatever special occasion.

Any Type Of Appliance

There is an exception to this rule. If she specifically asked, and expressed very intensely how much she wants this gift, then you’re okay to get it. Although even if you’re confident, you may still want to double-check.

A good rule of thumb is to simply avoid anything that is plugged into a socket before it turns on. You might think the kitchen would be complete with a new toaster, but that sure doesn’t tell her that you love her and appreciate all she does.

New appliances simply tell her you want her to work more. There isn’t a woman alive who will respond well to that concept and for sure this is one of the worst gift ideas.

Worst Gift Ideas That Are More For You Than Her

Are you tempted to buy her a new piece of lingerie? Or perhaps you’re thinking of a weekend getaway at that new golf resort. It doesn’t matter if they have a spa worthy of a queen that she can enjoy; these gifts still come across as selfish.

If it’s something you’ve talked about wanting more than she has, it should probably be passed up. This includes a new fishing pole, new video game, or new electronic for the home. These just simply aren’t things that make women feel loved and appreciated.

Flowers That Are Fake

If you are hoping to get smacked over the head, this is your perfect gift. If she means enough to you that you’ll take the time and spend the money to get fake flowers, why would you not invest in the real thing?

Fake flowers
The worst gift ideas fake flowers

Fake flowers are for funerals and centerpieces, NOT for the women you love. For sure, this is one of the worst gift ideas!

A Membership To The Gym

It doesn’t matter if she’s been saying she wants to join for the last year. If you give her a membership to the gym, she’ll think one thing, and one thing only: that you think she’s fat.

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This will start off a whole round of emotions and crying, and leave you holding your receipt for three hundred dollars with your eyes crossed and wondering where you went wrong. Word to the wise: simply avoid this type of worst gift ideas altogether.

What Creative Gifts For Women Will Really Work

Silver mom ring
Mom ring

Jewelry is always one of the most creative gifts for women. However, it is not just because she wants you to buy her jewelry. In reality, she wants to know you understand her, and see her as someone other than the woman who combs hair and cleans the bathrooms.

Pick a gift that praises her as a woman and shows you know who she. Such creative gifts for women will leave you feeling proud.

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