Coconut Latte – Dairy Free

Coconut latte recipe

Now I have been a die-hard black coffee drinker for years but after visiting Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), my new addiction is a Coconut Latte!

Recently I spent a month in the delightful town of Ubud in Bali. It’s a beautiful place and if you haven’t been it’s well worth visiting. Also, this is the place where I found this awesome coconut latte recipe.

Coconut latte recipe
Ubud in Bali Coconut Latte

What makes it even better is that for those of us who follow a gluten free and dairy free diet, there are countless options for eating out.

In fact, I have never been to a town where there are so many food options available for those who are gluten and lactose intolerant, but more about that in another post.

Indonesia is one of the great coffee growing nations of the world, and consequently Ubud has a thriving coffee culture with delightful coffee shops on almost every street.

However, what is interesting is that cows milk is almost an exotic ingredient here. Every coffee bar has non-dairy alternatives from the familiar soya milk, to cashew milk and coconut milk.

It’s delicious and the fat content in the coconut milk seems to blunt the effect of the caffeine, so you don’t get a caffeine spike followed by a crash. Instead, it seems to have a gradual effect and I never felt hyper even after drinking two lattes in quick succession.

The coconut milk ensures a lovely creamy drink that despite the caffeine does actually have some health benefits. I’ve written about the health benefits of coconut many times before, but in summary, coconut is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.

I wanted to reproduce a coconut latte recipe once I got home and after a couple of experiments found that it was easy to replicate even without a specialized coffee machine and milk steamer.

So here is how you too can do this coconut latte recipe:

I won’t go into the actual coffee making part because you will all have your own way of making the espresso. Personally I use a stovetop espresso maker.

For the coconut milk I use Kara coconut cream. It’s the same brand they use in Ubud and I found it works really well in the latte. It also doesn’t contain any preservatives or emulsifiers.

Shake the can/carton first and measure 200 ml per cup into a small pot. If the coconut cream is really thick you can add water.

On a slow heat stir the coconut milk constantly until the milk becomes hot. For the coconut latte recipe, it’s important to do this slowly as coconut milk can burn very easily.

Once the coconut milk is hot enough pour it into a blender and blend on high speed for 30 secs.

It’s important to blend the coconut milk as it aerates the milk and gives a similar effect to using a milk steamer. You can also use a hand blender to get the same effect.

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In each cup pour a small measure of espresso and then pour the blended coconut milk over the top.

Sweeten to taste. (The coconut cream has a sweetness all on it’s own so taste first before adding your preferred sweetener).

In conclusion, I hope you will enjoy my coconut latte recipe while staying at home or at the beach of some beautiful tropical destination 🙂

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