12 Beauty Tips To Save You Money Right Now

Beauty tips and tricks
Beauty tips for women

Do you want to spend less and look great? Check 12 of the best beauty tips and tricks to save you money right now and they are all totally tried by me.

I haven’t scammed my beauty tips and tricks from Pinterest and no bunnies have been harmed in the writing of this post. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Dry frizzy hair equals super expensive conditioner, right?

Well, yes and no. I use my expensive hair masques just on the last few inches of my hair then stick a cheap one on the rest. The results are the same and it makes my treatment last way longer.

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2. Got a drawer full of sample sachets of facial moisturizer from magazines?

Me too. At least I did but then came up with the genius idea of decanting them all into an empty moisturizer pot and voilà, another month’s worth of face cream.

But I’m pretty sure that mixing them all together must be cresting some kind of super cream, yes?

3. Stop pumping that mascara brush!

In fact, it dries out your mascara really quickly. If it’s too late, then stick it in a mug of really hot water for ten minutes to free the gunk and give you an extra couple of weeks use.

Mascara brush
Beauty tips and secrets – mascara brush

4. Take a quick selfie

If you do your make-up and you’re really pleased with the result, take a quick selfie and a pic of the products you used. It’ll make it so much easier to recreate and you won’t waste time and products trying to remember what you did last time that made you look so awesome!

5. Reactivate your curls

Do it in the morning with a water spray rather than adding more product. It doesn’t matter if you’d used mousse, cream or spray the day before, a quick spritz and scrunch will give you an extra day from your curls.

6. Trim your own fringe.

If you’ve got long hair, like me, you might go a few months with a cut but need your bangs done every couple of weeks. Most good hairdressers do free fringe trims, but that’s no good at 7am in the morning when your hair is poking in your eyes.

7. Tint your own eyebrows and lashes.

In fact, this is such a simple way to make you look more groomed even with no make-up on. I use dark brown on my eyebrows and blue-black on my lashes (see here).

Beauty tips for women
1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit Blue/Black

Pro tip: use an old mascara wand to apply to lashes and brows. I usually do two applications as my eyebrows are stupidly fair.

Also, don’t forget to remove the eyebrow dye before going to the park with friends, as you may get some strange looks…..true story.

8. Olive oil (one of the best beauty tips and tricks)

It makes a surprisingly good eye makeup remover in a pinch. Just make sure to emulsify it after with a face wash or toner.

9. Invest in a nail buffer

This is a cheap way to keep nails looking shiny and groomed. I bought one from Kmart recently for $5 and it leaves my nails shining like glass. Much nicer than chipped polish.

Nail buffer
Invest in a nail buffer

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10. It really is too easy to make your own body scrub.

A handful of rocksalt is all it takes to leave your skin silky smooth.

Cheaper by the Dozen: Beauty Tips to Save you Money Right Now

11. Did you get every drop of product out of that squeezy bottle?

Surely, this is one of my favorite beauty tips and tricks: cut it in half, then cut a small band from the bottom half so the top half will fit over it as a lid. You’ll be amazed how much is left in there.

Cheaper by the Dozen: Beauty Tips to Save you Money Right Now

12. Finally, I’ve written a post about how to look after your fragrances (read here)

But the one I’ll reiterate here is to keep it in its box! Perfume goes off so quickly in the sun so it’d really worth keeping it under wraps to make it last so much longer.

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