Beautiful Small Tattoo Designs For Your Inspiration

Small tattoo ideas for women
Small tattoos inspiration

List of small tattoo ideas for women who really appreciate the tattoo art but are not fan of the idea to decorate a big drawing on their body.

When a woman gets a tattoo, even if she prefers small tattoo designs, she changes not only her body, but her entire life, so you should think carefully before decide to decorate your skin.

One of the best things about this type of art is that each small tattoo design carries a certain meaning, showing the personality of the owner. That’s why I offer you several small tattoo ideas for women with their meaning explained.

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1. Dragonfly Small Tattoo Design

Dragonfly tiny tattoo designs
Small dragonfly tattoos

The dragonfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and transformation. It inspires us to change what we need in our lives to reach our full potential.

For sure, the life of a dragonfly is very short – just one day in which his entire life cycle is closed. “A child of water and wind”, the dragonfly comes to show us the uniqueness of the moment (the present).

2. Key

Key small tattoo inspiration
Key tattoo symbolism

The key small tattoo design unlocks and locks various things. It symbolizes power, knowledge, mystery, and a shared secret. If it is silver – secular power, if it is golden – spiritual.

However, for Jews, it means giving birth. For the Japanese it means prosperity. A link of 3 keys opens the door to health, well-being and love.

3. Unalome

Unalome symbolism and meaning
Unalome Buddhist inspired tattoos

The Buddhist symbol “unalome” (more info here) represent enlightenment. The spirals in the symbol (zigzag) indicate our path in life and the twists and turns that we go through to achieve enlightenment.

4. Om

Om Indian symbolism
The Indian symbol “Om“

The Indian symbol “Om“ is another spiritual symbol associated with the Hindu.

It depicts the infinity of the spirit, the sacred in the world and in ourselves. It connects with our essence.

5. Sea (Ocean) Wave

Sea wave very small tattoo design
Sea wave tattoo art

In fact, the sea wave is one of the strongest, most powerful natural forces on earth. People who prefer these small tattoo designs believe that it gives them a power and freedom that few people can get.

6. Airplane

Simple airplane small tattoo design
Airplane designs tattoo inspiration

These small tattoo designs are for adventurers, freedom-lovers and dreamers, as well as for all who like long journeys.

7. Dog Paw (Simple But Cute Small Tattoo Design)

Dog paw small tattoo ideas for women
Dog paw small tattoo

Our pet is an important part of the family, sometimes our closest friend. The symbolism is more than clear – with the tattoo “paw” he will always be with us.

8. Lotus

Lotus symbol art
Lotus very small tattoo

Like other flower tattoos, the Lotus small tattoo designs can represent beauty and grace. People who have dramatic changes in their lives often choose the Lotus, because it can also be a symbol of change. Lotus and Koi fish are very popular among Japanese tattoos.

For example, this fish always swims against the current, and the color of the Lotus always faces the Sun. Indeed, the hidden meaning of this is that you need to be optimistic and never give up. The Lotus small tattoo design also means individuality.

9. Diamond

Beautiful diamond
Small designs for diamond tattoo

Since ancient times, people have believed that the diamond heals its owner from mental illnesses, various phobias, depression and nervous breakdowns. In Indian culture, the diamond has been considered a symbol of purity and innocence.

In addition, it is also a symbol of perfection, strength and power. The diamond is also able to banish the fears of his owner and protect him from harmful influences.

10. Rose (one of the most popular small tattoo ideas for women)

Rose tattoo symbolism and meaning
Small rose tattoo design

Roses symbolize many things, depending on their number, colors, and number of flowers. These small tattoo designs are suitable for both women and men. Black roses are tattooed as additional elements. For example, a skull on the background of two black roses.

Additionally, the black rose is a symbol of death and hatred. The red rose is a symbol of true love.

Other colors symbolize:

  • Pink – grace, friendship
  • Orange – passion, desire
  • Yellow – jealousy, infinite love, broken heart, heavy betrayal
  • Dark Purple – gratitude
  • Red and White in one place – unity
  • Red and Yellow in one place – joy, happiness
  • Finally, the White Rose – meaning purity, virtue, mystery, reverence, respect and humility.

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