9 Fashion Tips For Ladies Over 40. How To Emphasize The Best And Hide What You Don’t Like

How to dress in your 40s

Do you know how to dress in your 40s? I will try to give you the answer to this question in case you are not confident enough in your fashion style.

When a woman turns 40, she has to give up certain styles and patterns. The style needs to be changed and personalized to emphasize only the best and smartly to hide what you are not very proud of. So let’s check out these fashion tips for ladies over 40 that can help you look great.

How to dress in your 40s
Fashion tips for ladies over 40 Victoria Beckham

1. Adjustment of Body Clothes

Patterns that do not fit your physique can easily add you more years. Remember to choose the ones that will only highlight your best.

2. Real Skirt Length

Ladies over 40 should not wear a skirt that is too short (but also not too long). With a miniskirt, you take the risk of looking funny and look even older. Fore sure the ideal length is a few centimeters above the knee.

Jennifer Aniston skirt length
Best skirt length Jennifer Aniston

3. Shoes

In fact, one of the most fashion tips for ladies over 40 is to never wear uncomfortable shoes that you fit to. Choose the height that suits you and, if possible, try bright colors. The pastels are perfect for spring and the colors for summer. Check out also How to Choose the Best Shoes for Ankle Protection

4. The Perfect Color for Jeans

No matter how pleased you are with your fashion line in the 40s, you should wear dark jeans with a narrow cut. In this case bright and white should be removed from your wardrobe.

5. Jewelry

Do not overdo it with shiny metals and plastics. A bracelet or necklace is enough to do the job. If you have large earrings, never wear gloves and a necklace (possibly a discrete ring).

Cindy Crawford jeans
How to dress in your 40s Cindy Crawford

6. Try Colors

Being 40 years old does not mean you should only wear black. A one-color wardrobe will always make you older, so look for lighter shades. If spring is on the doorstep – choose apricot color, white, pastel green, pink, light purple …

7. Pay Attention to the Bra

To make your upper part of the body look younger and prettier, you can’t wear any bra. In reality, the breasts change over time, so you need to choose a bra with padding.

So take a look at the model you will choose so that it does not tighten on your back or make painful scarring on your shoulders. Don’t miss reading 5 Reasons Why Your Strapless Bra is Letting You Down

How to dress in your 40s
Fashion tips for ladies over 40

2 Additional Tips if You Want to How to Dress in Your 40s:

  • Don’t show too much. In general, the ladies in those years should not show what the 20-year-old girls are showing. As much as you think you are good-looking and well-built, make sure you keep to an acceptable limit.
  • Finally, you should always have sunglasses with you that will visually rejuvenate you for at least a few years. Read also 10 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses

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