7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Warts

Home remedies to get rid of warts
Natural ways to get rid of warts

Warts are a common skin problem that make us feel ugly, weird and inferior to others. Fortunately, there are natural ways to get rid of warts.

Warts will normally appear on the hands and feet that are small in size and rough tumors. In fact, they are very common and are caused specifically by the human papillomavirus (HPV) which infect the top layer of the skin and causes it to grow rapidly, creating a wart. They are contagious when in contact with the skin of another, by sharing clothes, razors or other personal care items. So, to fix this skin problem, there are several effective home remedies to get rid of warts:

  1. Rub with banana peel on warts for 2 mins daily once. Repeat it for 1 week and see the visible result.
  2. Apply daily some drops of onion juice on warts. Continue it until the wart is gone.
  3. Rub fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel on warts, it can help to wipe away.
  4. Make a paste with equal proportions of soap and white lime and apply it like a patch on warts. Clean it after 1hr and see the result.
  5. Rub with potato on warts directly and keep doing this every day for at least 1-to-2 weeks until the wart is gone. This is one of the simplest natural ways to get rid of warts.
  6. Make a paste with garlic and water and apply directly on the wart covered up with a bandage. Repeat it every 3-4 hrs until the wart is gone.
  7. Apply papaya pulp on the wart and cover it up with a bandage for 2-3hrs.

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Note: Please do not pick at your warts because this case the virus to spread making you to get more warts. Also, do not try all these home remedies to get rid of warts at once. Pick one method and if you do not like the final result, try another one after at least 1 week.

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