5 Reasons Why Your Strapless Bra is Letting You Down

5 Reasons Why Your Strapless Bra is Letting You Down

I guess you’re not happy when your strapless bra isn’t doing its job properly. So there are few tips that can help you when your strapless bra falls down.

Summer is coming, oh good days. Not so good though when all the gorgeous strappy/strapless/one-shouldered tops hit the stores and my strapless bra is not doing its job properly. I HATE seeing bra straps under strappy camisole tops, it doesn’t matter how pretty the bra is. Also, it does not scream “classy” to me. In general, learning how to find and how to wear a strapless bra is most definitely trial and error.

However, there are a few tips that can help make sure the one you choose does its job as well as possible. Before I share my tips, I’ll just temper your expectations. In fact, a strapless bra will never perform as well as a regular one, no matter what the salesperson tells you.

Nevertheless, follow these few simple tips and you’ll be swanning around in your bandeau dresses in no time.

Number One: Wearing The Wrong Size

How to wear a strapless bra
My strapless bra falls down

This is such an obvious one and so easy to fix, too. Get down to your local bra shop and get those bad boys measured. Target, Myer, and David Jones will all fit you for free.

Specialty shops such as The Bra Bar at Ocean Keys will give you that personalized service that helps make bra buying a breeze.

If you absolutely can’t face standing half naked in front of a stranger (don’t fret, I know lots of women who just can’t entertain the idea of this), then you need to try on LOTS of different strapless bras.

The official advice is to get a strapless bra to stay where it should be is to go down a size on the back. So if you’re usually a 12, try a 10 and so on.

The downside of this is you may end up with a bit of back fat, so it’s worth taking the dress with you that you want to wear with the bra.

When you try it on, do a little jiggling around and see if it stays put. Nothing round with a little changing room boogie!

Number Two: You’re Wearing The Wrong Style

Yes, there are different styles of strapless bra! This is my advice for getting the right one.

Bigger boobs – will benefit from a longer line bra as it gives a little more support. You can see on the two below that the band below the boobs is deep and will help to hold everything in place.

Bigger boobs
How to wear a strapless bra

Smaller boobs – can go with pretty much any bandwidth, but sometimes benefit from a little padding.

Smaller boobs women
Smaller boobs

Tiny boobs – if you’re super petite, then stick on cups will give your outfit a little modesty and reduce any nipple-age. You could also try a bandeau style, but beware that these tend to give a “monoboob” effect.

How to wear a strapless bra
Why my strapless bra falls down

If you want to know how to wear a strapless bra under a variety of outfits, then a molded cup is better than a lace cup. Nonetheless, sometimes you can see the line of the cups under your outfit. If you can find a strapless bra with a molded cup and a bit of lace along the top, then you’ve achieved bra nirvana.

Number Three: It’s Not Sticking To Your Skin

As revolting as that sounds, strapless bras usually have a line of silicone along the band to help it stay put. The only way for it to work is for your skin to be clean and free of products.

That means you need to skip the body moisturizer in this area as it’ll completely ruin the “stickiness” of the bra band.

More fashion tips check here:

Number Four: You Need A New One

If you’ve had a bra for a while, and it has been well washed (in the washing machine?!), it may not fit as well as it did.

The band of all bras will stretch over time. TOP TIP: when you buy any bra, make sure you it fits when fastened on the largest clip. Then, as it stretches you can move down the strap.

Did you know that bras are really only meant to last between 6 and 12 months and that’s with handwashing!

Washing machine
Washing machine

Number Five: Your Outfit Is To Blame

Some strapless tops, particularly tight, bandeau styles are guilty of dragging the bra down the torso. It’s a fact of life that if your strapless bra falls down, it is not a big surprise.

Surely, strapless bras are not as supportive as bras with straps. As a result, you have to face it that you may have to go and “re-adjust” every hour or so to keep everything in its place.

Hopefully you now have all the information how to choose and how to wear a strapless bra. For this reason, you need to get your hands on the perfect strapless bra, and wear it with aplomb.

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