24 Tiny and Elegant Tattoo Ideas For Women With Their Meanings

Ideas for tiny tattoos
Small tattoos with meaning

Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself. But why not try some of these amazing ideas for tiny tattoos first before deciding to get bigger ones?

Some people like the art of tattooing, but are not brave enough to ink large parts of their body. That’s why I decided to show you 24 beautiful tiny tattoos for women that can be a good alternative to big ones.

A tattoo is a permanent pattern or symbol on the skin that is very similar to body art, but in contrast it is placed using a needle (ink) and pigments that are inserted under the top layer of the skin. Unlike old tattoos that were done many years ago at home, tattoos today are works of art.

Through different designs and quotes you can carry your thoughts on your own body. This form of self-expression is beautiful and completely personal. This is your body, your “canvas”, and you choose what to put on it.

Why Choose Small Tattoos With Meaning?

Not everyone tends to get a tattoo even if they really like the idea initially. Very often in the society, even the job itself does not allow this, so some people prefer temporary tattoos that do not leave a scar on the skin and can get rid of it at any time.

Alternatively, tiny tattoos for women are acceptable because they can be both beautiful and delicate without making any bad impression.

To point out, the small tattoos with meaning usually speak of the personal interests of a woman. People of the arts are familiar with this. They don’t worry about tattooing their favorite music group or even their own artistic creations.

For examples, tiny tattoos for women with motivational and inspirational quotes to remind you to be strong and not give up, tattooed with a beautiful handwritten font, are among the most common body drawings that women love.

If you are in the process of finding the perfect tattoo for you, check out the following awesome small tattoos with meaning that you can directly show to the tattooist.

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Sunflower tiny tattoos for women
Sunflower tattoo design

Since ancient times, sunflowers have been associated with the Sun, longevity, happiness, vitality and luck.

The tattoo itself is very realistic and you can do it on the active parts of the body (arms, shoulders, legs and ankles).

Dandelion Flock of Birds

Dandelion inspiration
Dandelion flock of birds

In fact, the dandelion is a symbol that reminds us of innocence, and the birds are a symbol of freedom. Also, the symbolism of this tattoo can be very different.

Rose (very trendy small tattoo with meaning)

Rose tattoo art
Rose on the back

The rose has no specific symbolism. However, some ladies may interpret it as “beautiful and prickly“ or “lovely and gentle like me“.


Nature landscape ideas for tiny tattoos
Landscape small tattoo

A favorite place of childhood, love of nature or your favorite travel destination. Tiny tattoos for women that depict a landscape do not have specific symbols. In general, the owner of the tattoo often record his own memorable experience.

Floral Bow and Arrow

Floral bow and arrow tattoo idea
Floral bow and arrow

This type of tattoo is more often preferred by “feminist” women. In fact, the tattoo itself expresses the strength of the bow and the tenderness of a woman.


Tree small tattoos with meaning
Small tree on wrist

The tree is the main symbol of wisdom and longevity. Additionally, it is also related to kinship ties.

Mother Nature

Nature tiny tattoo ideas
Mother Nature

In fact, Mother Nature is a very rare tattoo that makes it truly unique. It gives life and controls the weather.

If you feel this way, why not tattoo it and turn it into your icon?


Branch tiny tattoo
Branch small tattoo on hand

These type of tattoos are also a rare tattoo. However, everyone portrays it with a different message.


I Am Enough

I am enough quote
Inspirational quotes

The idea of two fonts is good, and you can also add another character like the cross on the right side.


Letter F
Faith religious meaning

This specific tattoo has again a religious meaning. Letter F has “a cross-shape”.

Faith. Hope. Love

Tiny tattoos for women
Faith, hope and love

For tattoos of this kind, choose a minimalist design.

Not all those who wander are lost

Not all those who wander are lost
Minimalist tattoo design

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

Love yourself small tattoos with meaning
Don’t forget to love yourself

A beautiful quote that reminds how important a person is to himself. (see my article Learning To Love Yourself)

Never Give Up

Never give up small tattoos with meaning
Never give up on wrist

A quote that motivates you when you’re in a difficult situation in your life. Please, read also:


Family love tiny tattoos for women
Love for family

No need to explain this tattoo. With this in mind, love for family is enough to tattoo it on yourself.

Follow your heart

Follow your heart quote on hand
Follow your heart

The quote says that you should follow your heart. For example, “do what you love, no matter what or why”.



Rihanna chest tattoo
Egyptian goddess of nature

Rihanna got a tattoo under her bust of the Egyptian goddess of nature, fertility, motherhood and family – ISIS.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham wrist tattoo
David Beckham D.B.

One of the tattoos of the current fashion designer Victoria Beckham reveals the initials of her husband’s name – David Beckham (D.B. in the tattoo).

Be careful with this type of tiny tattoos. It will look silly if you simultaneously have such a tattoo, parallel to another, saying “nothing is forever”.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus dog Emu tattoo
Miley Cyrus tiny tattoo

Teen idol Miley Cyrus has added to tattoo gallery the portrait of her dog Emu after his loss.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora neck tattoo
Picasso “Dove of Peace”

In the 20th century, the dove was inextricably linked to world peace and unity thanks to Picasso’s “Dove of Peace.

In fact, the art was created in 1949 by the legendary artist as a symbol of the First International Peace Congress. However, after the end of World War II, Picasso’s dove popularity rose.

Today, the dove is a universal totem of spirituality, peace, and a message of brotherhood and tolerance.


Adele small tattoo behind ear
Adele just a letter tattoo

Just a letter. Why not? As a matter of fact, unofficial information says that the letter “A” behind the ear is dedicated to her son Angelo.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez roman numerals
Roman numerals on neck

Tiny tattoos for women with Roman numerals are the most common. For example, it could be your birthdate, your wedding date, or something else…

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Artpop
Artpop on hand

ARTPOP is one of the greatest achievements of the Queen of Pop – her best-selling music album. If you also have similar achievements, don’t worry about expressing them with a tattoo.

Rita Ora (again)

Rita Ora zodiac sign tiny tattoo
Zodiac sign ideas for tiny tattoos

Finally, a very popular tattoo is your zodiac sign.

To summarize, after checking these ideas for tiny tattoos, consider your decision well and carefully plan your tattoo. A beautiful work will make you proud and happy. On the other hand, a bad tattoo will rob your inner peace every time you look at it. Which option will you choose?

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