10 Reasons To Wear Sunglasses

Why wear sunglasses

You probably look really amazing when you wear your sunglasses. But why wear sunglasses? What’s more, why is it so important to never forget them at home?

We always wait so long for the sun to appear, but when the temperatures are high, we are constantly looking for a place to hide from it and cool off. The first thing you should think about is how to protect yourself from the sun. Well, the SPF of your sunscreen isn’t enough. You must also think how to protect your eyes in the best possible way. So let’s find out what are the most important reasons to wear sunglasses.

Why wear sunglasses
Reasons to wear sunglasses

1. Protection From Harmful UV Rays

In fact, this is the first one and maybe the most important answer of the question “Why wear sunglasses?”. In the summer we all protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, but fail to protect our eyes.

However, did you know that the skin around this area is much thinner, very susceptible and sensitive to sunlight than any other part of the face?

Natural antioxidants in the eye have been proven to provide very little protection against ultraviolet radiation. For this reason, it is a prerequisite for the mandatory wearing of such an important accessory every time you are out for more than 10 minutes.

Of course, this is true throughout the year, although in winter the level of UV radiation is lower. I advise you to buy glasses that block 100% of UVB, but also UVA rays to make sure that you will not only be beautiful, but also protected.

2. Prevention Of Health Problems

Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to various diseases. Although some of them appear only as a painful or irritating symptom, others can be much more serious (cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, convulsive disease).

In fact, 10% of skin cancers develop on the eyelids, and although only a few cases are fatal, serious tissue damage and even blindness can occur.

Prevention Of health problems
Why wear sunglasses

3. Protection From Various External Irritants

The sun is not the only thing that can damage your eyes. Spending your time outdoors puts you at additional risk of being polluted by fine particles carried by the wind that could get in your eyes.

For example, sand grains can scratch your eye and cause unpleasant consequences. In winter, the snow reflects 80% of ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can cause a condition known as snow blindness, in which the sun’s rays literally burn the cornea of ​​the eye.

4. Fewer Headaches and Migraines

Quite unpleasant conditions that are familiar to almost all of us. The reason for their appearance is that the pupil controls how much light reaches the retina by contraction or dilation.

However, when the light is too bright, the pupils fail to contract enough, which causes us to narrow our eyes more, resulting in headaches and fatigue. Wearing sunglasses has been proven to alleviate symptoms and their frequency.

5. Ensure Safer Driving

For sure, you put them on when you drive. In this case the glare of the road surface and the reflection of the sun’s rays begin to interfere with your concentration. But have you ever thought they might be useful in the rain?

Well, you can now be sure that the right glasses are not only a wonderful accessory to your look, but will also help you drive safer, relieving you of discomfort and eye strain when the drops on the front glass of your car interfere with you.

6. The Perfect Accessory!

Surely, this is one of the most obvious reasons to wear sunglasses. While men wear them simply because “they need to” or because “the sun shines” into their eyes, for women sunglasses are an accessory which they simply cannot live without.

Round, square, retro style, suitable for a date or a crazy party on the beach, there is always one place for them, no matter how crowded our wardrobe is. For sure, my favorite quote is “The More, The Better!”

7. Wrinkle Prevention

Have you ever tried to hide from the sun with your hand while frowning? Well-known situation, right … But what’s the point of using all those expensive creams and wrinkle serums if you’re trying to protect the delicate skin around your eyes during the day with just your hand?

Don’t underestimate investing in a pair of good high-protection sunglasses! This will not only protect the thin skin around the eyes from collagen loss, but will also fight the first fine lines that are just waiting for an occasion to appear.

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Reasons to wear sunglasses
Reasons to wear sunglasses wrinkle prevention

8. Keep Your Eyes Moist Even In Biggest Heat

In summer, when temperatures are really unbearable at times, light and heat can “dry out” your eyes, causing redness and discomfort. In this case, most people resort to special eye drops, but it turns out there is another much easier solution – sunglasses!

The right ones will maintain the necessary degree of moisture in your eyes and will keep your eyesight good for longer.

9. Life With Sunglasses Is More Beautiful

No, I am not kidding! Have you ever been to an open-air concert during which it is quite difficult for you to see the performer?

The glasses will help you feel comfortable and see clearly everything that is happening on stage. Thanks to the appropriate color of the glass the sight is as clear and bright as possible.

10. You Can Wear Sunglasses At Any Age

The last one of the best reasons to wear sunglasses is that age doesn’t matter at all. Despite the popular belief that with age a lady should turn out to wear some clothes and accessories, sunglasses always look good on both a 20-year-old girl and an older woman.

For example, icons like Anna Wintour and Brigitte Bardot prove it! When you think further, sunglasses are like a bag… Women used to have a few different types of sunglasses which in addition to performing their primary function, are always with you to attract everyone’s attention!

What Are The Different Types Of Sunglasses For Face Shape?


Why wear sunglasses aviator shape

Aviator glasses are one of the most preferred types of glasses, as they look good on any face but is best suited for oval faces. Also, aviator sunglasses go perfectly with any outfit – from sneakers to a mini skirt with high heels.


Cat-Eye types of sunglasses for face shape

These sunglasses (see here) are ideal for people with oval or diamond-shaped faces – a narrower forehead and chin and a wider area in the cheeks.

The sunglasses are suitable because they create a visual representation of the uniform shape of the face. They look good with curls, if your hair is not curly, grab the curling iron!


Why wear sunglasses
Square shape

In general, square sunglasses are suitable for small faces as they make them look longer. They are preferred by many celebrities, including Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. Read also Top 5 Most Controversial Fashion Icons


Reasons to wear sunglasses
Round types of sunglasses for face shape

They look great on a face in a square or rectangular shape. Furthermore, they create a hippie look and are often associated with Ozzy Osbourne, as they are his trademark.


Why wear sunglasses huge shape

They are suitable for any type of face – oval, round, square, as long as your face is not too small. I hope that you will remember these tips and reasons to wear sunglasses the next time you go shopping.

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