10 Best Benefits of Green Tea

What are the health benefits of green tea

Many women prefer to replace a cup of coffee with a cup of green tea early in the morning. However, do you know what are the health benefits of green tea?

Green tea is originally made from “Camellia Sinesis” leaves that was originated in China and has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. And now, it has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia.

Why Green Tea is Good for You?

In fact, it is an excellent beverage with hidden and possible health benefits. The extracts of this raw material is used in various health foods, beverages, dietary supplements and also cosmetic items. By processing green tea, it has got more health benefits than black tea.

This is because black tea allows for fermentation while processing where green tea avoids it. Hence, green tea preserves large antioxidants and poly-phenol substances that make green tea more beneficial.

The flavonoids in a cup of green tea is higher than that in the same quantity of other health contributed food and drink items including fresh vegetables, fruits, juices or wine. So, go ahead and enjoy green tea’s multitudinous health benefits.

What are the health benefits of green tea
Benefits of green tea for women

Here’s a list of some wonderful benefits of green tea for women:

  • In general, green tea regulates the sugar or glucose levels and reduces the boosting up of blood sugar levels after eating.
  • Scientists claim that green tea protect against the formation of clots that is a primal cause of heart attack. It helps to improve the health of body cells lining the blood vessels and also assist in reducing risk of heart attacks.
  • In addition, green tea contains poly phenols that boost the fat oxidation and the rate at which your body food turns into calories. It detoxifies the body and suppresses untimely food cravings. Also, it rules out the excess water thereby reducing extra weight.
Benefits of green tea for women (weight loss)
Why green tea is good for you (weight loss)
  • According to studies, the antioxidants present in green tea improves the body’s ability to burn fat which accounts for improved muscle stamina.
  • Consumption of green tea on regular basis reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
High blood pressure
Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
  • Drinking green tea reduces the risk of Esophageal cancer in men and women and also kills the cancer cells without damaging the health tissues around them. Additionally, green tea reduces the risk of some other cancers that include skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver, prostate cancer, oral cancers etc.
  • In reality, Poly phenols and Flavonoids present in a green tea improve the functioning of the immune system to make the human body stronger in fighting with various infections. Read also How To Strengthen Your Immune System To Prevent The Flu Naturally
Why green tea is good for you
What are the health benefits of green tea immune system

Even More

  • Green tea can even help to prevent tooth decay. The chemical antioxidant called Catechin (detailed info here) present in green tea will destroy bacteria and virus that cause throat infections and other dental problems.
Prevention of tooth decay
Benefits of green tea for women prevention of tooth decay
  • Studies carried out that green tea protects the brain cells from dying and restores the damaged brain cells. Regular consumption of green tea helps to prevent degenerative and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
What are the health benefits of green tea
Why green tea is good for you (anti-aging agent)

Final Words

Once you know the benefits of green tea for women, consider a few things. First, do not drink more than three cups a day and on an empty stomach. Secondly, the best time to drink is in the morning or before a workout. Finally, avoid drinking green tea at least 2 hours before bedtime because it can make it difficult to fall asleep.

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